The Real Bitches of Sarasota, is an entertaining comedy photo /caption book, featuring the real bitches of Sarasota and their favorite landmarks in this beautiful city. Passionate pet owners who are fans of reality TV will be tuned in. It’s a fun book for all animal lovers and a handy guide that will let you jump into the select landmarks of Sarasota, Florida. The authors, bitch whisperers extraordinaire, are presenting the first book in the series.

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Top Row Left to Right: Gigi, Maggie, Lola   

Bottom Row Left to Right: Beach Babe, Moody Blues, Carrie



The Real Bitches of Sarasota!


Cathy Comora is the creator/writer of “The Real Bitches of Sarasota.” What began as a parody of The Real Housewives TV series, morphed into a photo/caption book featuring Sarasota bitches and landmarks. Cathy dabbles in comedy writing, wrote skits for a sketch comedy group, and was nominated for a Louie Award for humorous greeting card writing. Cathy is the designer of jewelry. She was a real bitch in a past life.

Rose Lettiere is a nature, portrait and wildlife photographer, who brings a unique perspective to all of her photography. An International Award winner, Rose has published work in the Loan Collection of the Professional Photographers of America. Recipient of the Abstract Distinguished Award, Special Honor Award Figure Study from F.P.P. Her work has been displayed and sold in numerous galleries. Her joy is to capture moments in time that provide “images for the heart and wordless insights.” Zen Photography, Feng Shui, Energy Rejuvenation, has been her passion for many lifetimes...

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